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Dos & Don’t While in Bhutan

  1. Taking pictures inside the alters of the dzongs (fortress), temples and monasteries is strictly prohibited.
  2. Take off your hats in front of the dzongs, temples and national flags.
  3. Visitors should be properly dressed with long sleeves shirts and pants to visit dzongs, temples, monasteries, schools and any government institutions.
  4. Always walk clockwise well crossing the dzongs, temples, monasteries, prayer flags or religious artifacts.
  5. Get permission before you take the pictures of the people and religious items.
  6. Do not give sweets, money, pencils, pens etc., to the children.
  7. Although Bhutan is safe, we advise you to keep your valuable items like wallets, cameras, passport etc. in safe place.
  8. Be careful with street dogs and domestic dogs, do not tease or play with them as they are not friendly in Bhutan. Sometime dogs are nuisance at night too.
  9. Please do not forget to check your arrival/departure dates, time, sector and email one day prior to your arrival in Bhutan.
  10. Public displays of affection between men and women, men and men and women and women are not common. Please refrain from doing this in public places.
  11. Smoking in public places is not allowed in Bhutan.
  12. Buying of antiques from Bhutan is strictly monitored by the custom at the check points. Please always buy goods with cash memo or original bills/invoices.

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