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  • Spring/Autumn/Winter is cold in the morning and evening so please do get some warm cloths. Refer to Weather Information link for updated weather condition.
  • Bring some formal dress (that covers your body fully) for visiting temples and holy sites.
  • Culturally sensitive dressing tips: For women, pants (or Capri length pants) and/or a skirt (mid-calf or longer (A-line style works best for hiking) is recommended. Tights, hiking shorts and sports tops are not advised unless worn under other clothing. For men, pants are best. Men may wear hiking shorts, but they should be longer, near the knees. Men should never go shirtless.
  • Accommodation in Bhutan is not centrally heated, but portable electric heaters and plenty of blankets are generally provided in rooms. Consider bringing an additional set of long underwear to sleep in for extra warmth.
  • Please bring along a pair of ear plugs. Dogs can prove to be a nuisance in the night. They are not dangerous but refrain from touching them.


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