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Tours And Treks

  • Cultural Tours

    Bhutan religiously accentuates in preservation and promotion of its unique tradition and cultural heritage. Green Forest Bhutan cultural tours are crafted to bring you closer to rich age old Bhutanese culture and tradition where you can witness the living history across the country. You will be led through the abundance of richness in natural beauty with spectacular views of wild flora and fauna, exquisite hill slopes, silhouettes of distant dark ridges cutting sharp edges, magnificent medley of green trees and snow capped mountains and iconic Buddhist monasteries and temples.

    You will meet indigenous Bhutanese people of their diverse regional unique lifestyles, language, dress, food and habits. We take you to Dzongs the gigantic fortresses, the most amazing epitome of giant 17th century Bhutanese structural architect that stands majestically on hill tops and river confluences. Dzongs served as fortresses that shielded Bhutanese from enemies attack in olden days and today they house the administrative offices and monastic body.

  • Festival Tours

    Tshechu, literally means the 10th day of the Bhutanese calendar. It is one of the most celebrated religious festivals. Tshechus are performed mostly in the courtyards of the Dzongs, temples and monasteries and runs continuously for three to five consecutive days. Different places celebrate in different months. You will witness a colourful display of varied mask dances performed by highly skilled artists who transform themselves into different deities. Each of these performances holds significance of many myths and mystical glory of the past and commemorates the life of Guru Padmasambhava, who is also known as Guru Rinpoche, the whisperer of Buddhism in Bhutan. Tshechus conclude with the grand unfurling of a Throngdrel, the large scroll painting of Guru Rinpoche, Zhabdrung and Lord Buddha.   

    It is believed that people attending this festival will cleanse their sins and get blessings. Therefore, it attracts a big crowd of people with deep faith from the community who come dressed in finest traditional costumes of most intricate designs and colours. This is the opportunity for them to exhibit themselves in the best of their attire and pay homage to Guru Rinpoche. The whole show becomes a beautiful tapestry with enchanting spells. The occasion is a valid testimony of Bhutan’s unique tradition and rich cultural heritage.

    Besides Tshechus there are also numerous local festivals celebrated in most native styles which gives us the opportunity to peep into local beliefs and faiths. 


  • Trekking

    In most of the Trekking itineraries, Green Forest Bhutan Travels offers expanded opportunities to trekkers by picking best of the cultural sites with treks. Bhutan is one of the last untouched wilderness bastions of the world. Exploring what truly sets Bhutan apart from any other country and discovering one of the most remote kingdoms on earth is something one must opt in this lifetime. The Himalayas in Bhutan is renowned for its unrivalled scenic brilliance with imposing snow-capped mountain peaks, turquoise hued lakes, forlorn valleys, spectacular landscapes, ancient forests, high alpine meadows and lush green fields. Bhutan is largely dotted with centuries old Buddhist monasteries.

    Green Forest Bhutan Travels offers you Trekking packages ranging from 4 to 5 days of easy hiking through low altitude hills, villages, forests, meadows and streams to strenuous physically challenging long treks of almost a month through arduous terrains such as the infamous Snowman Trek.

    Our Trek guides are experts in making all necessary arrangements like supplies, cooks, horsemen and horses or yaks and ponies that transport your luggage and camping gear and other necessities.

    The best time for Bhutan trek is March to May and September to November.

  • Special Tour

     Special Interest Tours that Green Forest Bhutan offers are of various combination of mix interest, personal wish list to extreme travel itinerary. Bhutan being Buddhist country, there are many renowned Buddhist temples, fortress carrying many unheard stories and unseen places only for those who are into beginning Buddhist practice and to advanced Buddhism. Changing tours in Bhutan and Buddhist Tour/Buddhist circuit that we offer takes through this kind of experiences and take you inside mindfulness and realization. Meditation tour in Bhutan, Yoga, Massage and Spa tours are some of them. We add other Buddhist related charming programs to make you feel extra ordinary and experience different.

    Green Forest Bhutan organizes special Bhutan tours for free of cost to those renowned Journalists, travel writers, travel magazine writers, news publisher, TV channels host, Over Seas Agents and those related agencies who willingly to promotes Green Forest Bhutan around the globe in exchange with free trip to Bhutan. We have certain quota for every year and if you are interested to use this facility, we request you to send your express of interest quickly, you can submit as many documents as possible to proof your profession and identity or we may ask you to sign the contract as well.

    We also offer Bhutan tours and arrange accommodation and facilities for International film maker if they are interested shooting best scenes in Bhutan. Many International and national film maker are very happy and there are secret success stories behind filming in Bhutan. Film like little Buddha, Travelers and Magicians etc are most watch. Films by National Geo Channels, World Wildlife Fund and Global warming by disaster management are some of the best. Actors, actress and models from India, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong are visiting Bhutan often for fun and holidays in Bhutan.

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